The Best Gluten Free Pizza You Probably Haven’t Tried


Oh how I missed real authentic “Gluten Loaded” pizza with extra pepperoni. It had been so long since I had a slice of pizza that I truly enjoyed. Gluten Free options are slim when it comes to pizza crust and in my opinion most are very thin and tasteless. Until I found Paradise, Paradise Pizza that is.

The Spot

Paradise Pizza is a small family owned pizza shop tucked away in Carlsbad, California. Established in 2010 it soon became a neighborhood favorite and are now very popular and known for their Gluten Free menu as well as their operating hours of 10am – 2 am. Definitely recommend a late night pizza here.

Here is a nice view around the corner from the shop over looking a lagoon
Regular pizza left, Gluten Free right

The Pizza

It’s not the frozen Frisbee pizza dough you normally get with Gluten Free crusts, no Paradise Pizza makes their Gluten Free Dough in House from absolute scratch! With that being said it allows you to have the choice of a small, medium, or large pizza. Most places serve the pre-made frozen disc available in one size only, but if done right can still taste good. Although, I have to say there is something truly amazing about this Gluten Free Crust.

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There are many pizza places around me that are serving Gluten Free crust, but if your looking for a “Wow, this is Gluten Free?” than you must go to Paradise. I really wish all of you could try this pizza, unfortunately for now its exclusive to this area. If you ever travel to Southern California make time to stop for a truly amazing Gluten Free Pizza.

Comment below and tell me what your favorite Gluten Free pizza is. I am always looking for other brands to try. Thank you!

p.s. Don’t forget to order the Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls for dessert!

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