Top 10 Questions People Ask When Going Gluten Free

Is Rice Gluten Free?

Yes, rice in all forms is naturally Gluten Free. Rice tends to be a popular substitute for anyone eating a Gluten Free diet.

You can always find some gluten free soy sauce at your local grocery store but you can also check some affiliate links below of the Brand i use.

San-J Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce is the brand i can normally find when grocery shopping but there are much more options online so if you try some good ones comment the brands below so myself and others can try them out.


What is Gluten?

In short gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, oats (unless labeled Gluten Free), rye, malt, and brewers yeast. To read more information and get a deeper look into the details of Gluten I recommend checking out this post by Kelly Servick called “What is Gluten Sensitivity?”. In this post she goes into some more detail about Gluten and the rise in sensitivity to it.


 Can I Eat Pizza?

Yes…  But only Gluten Free Pizza.

Regular pizza is full of Gluten but there are many more places starting to offer Gluten Free pizza and some can be really good.

Be sure to know which places may have a higher chance of cross contamination (Dominos… cough cough).

Check out my other post about my favorite GF Pizza spot!

Will I Lose Weight On a Gluten Free Diet?

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions about this diet.

Just because something is called a “diet” people assume it means you lose weight.

Eating Gluten Free doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose weight if your still replacing normal calories with Gluten Free calories. Calories are calories and when it comes to GF food it tends to be higher in calories.

That being said if you cut out wheat from your diet and don’t eat any types of breads, than you will most likely see some weight loss due to lower calorie intake.

Below i have listed Affiliate links to some 4-5 star rated Gluten Free cook books that might interest you. I recommend the GF Living for Dummies as that’s what i grew up using with my mom.

Eat Happy by Anna Vocino


Essentials Of Celiacs Disease and the Gluten Free Diet  


Living Gluten Free For Dummies

Can I Eat Out at Restaurants?

Yes, normally you can find something to eat at most restaurants. Higher end restaurants will most likely have a GF Menu and as for fast food there are a few great choices but also some places i would avoid at all costs.

Is Gluten in Meat?

There is no Gluten Ingredients in meats, But this doesn’t mean certain seasonings and rubs wont contain Gluten. Read labels of all seasonings before you eat any meat. Most Meatballs contain gluten as well so be aware.

Where Can I Get Gluten Free Food?

Now a days it is much easier to find grocery stores with isles or sections dedicated to Gluten Free foods. I have seen GF options at Walmart, Von’s, Aldi, Sproutes, Frazier Farms and Albertson’s. These are all the local grocery stores i have but id love to hear recommendations for others down in the comment section. 


Whats the Difference Between “Gluten Friendly” and “Gluten Free”?

This question was a bit hard for me to come up with an answer even after google searching. From what i understand “Gluten Friendly” is what companies will say if they use all Gluten Free ingredients but still cant guarantee the food safe due to cross contamination.

In comparison anything that says “Gluten Free” Should be completely safe.


How Hard is it to Eat a Gluten Free Diet?

Eating Gluten Free definitely has its challenges, but with that being said eating this way has become sooooo much easier than it was 10 years ago and before that it was near impossible. I remember my mom stressing over dinners and trying to keep up with all the information about Celiacs Disease and the Diet that comes with it. 

I have created this blog to Build a community so that we can share our knowledge and experience with Celiacs Disease and help each other live healthy pain free lives.

In order for me to better serve the Gluten Free community i encourage all comments and questions.



Is Gluten Free More Expensive?

Yes, Gluten Free food tends to cost more and in my opinion you get less product.

This has to be one of the biggest draw backs to this disease. Finding ways to get GF foods for the best price can be frustrating. I will be dedicating a page on this blog strictly for finding the best GF food deals on and offline.



I hope this post clears up some of the questions you may have when just learning about a Gluten Free diet and i encourage more questions in the comment section so that we can maximize the information of this blog. Thanks

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