My name is Josh Maynard i am the owner and author of this blog, I grew up in Southern California, i love surfing, traveling, and food. I have created this blog to share my journey with others like you and use each others knowledge and experience to help everyone conquer Celiacs (Coeliacs) Disease and get back to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Below is the story of how Celiacs Disease was introduced into my family told from my Moms perspective, Enjoy! (Share your story with me via Subscribe)

On October 4th, 2006 Emily and 9 girlfriends were excited, getting ready to celebrate her 15th birthday party and their freshmen year homecoming dance. They got their hair, makeup and nails done at the Oceanside Beauty College and before the dance we ordered pizza from a local pizza parlor.
We brought the girls to the dance around 6 PM and picked them up at midnight. The girls were all spending the night for a birthday party sleep over. At 3 AM Emily woke us up and said she felt very dizzy. The first thing that entered our minds was possibly her drink got spiked at the dance. The next day Emily could not even get out of bed she was so lethargic. I took her in to see her doctor on Monday and he ran a Mono test immediately. It came back negative. So more blood tests (with fasting) including Epstein Barr, leukemia, Burkitt’s lymphoma…all tests came back negative. The doctor was baffled, said she was depressed and needed to get out of the house. She couldn’t even shower she was so exhausted! Emily was sick of the fasting and blood work that I had to start bribing her with Abercrombie jeans. Oh and after blood work I would always take her out for a bagel or breakfast burrito (umm? She can’t have that, or pasta, pizza, cake, pretzels, licorice…etc). I finally said to the doctor…”there is something wrong with my daughter and you need to figure it out!” He replied there is another test I would like to run on her for but I doubt she has it. It is called Sprue or Celiac Disease (Coeliacs), if it comes back positive she will have to change her diet (no gluten) for the rest of her life. After 3 weeks of testing they ran this test and it came back positive, however he wanted to make sure so he ran the test again (we had to fight our insurance company because they denied us). Wala! Finally a diagnosis! We felt relieved but a bit overwhelmed as there wasn’t a lot of information on food labels and nothing ever said “contains gluten or wheat”. Everything in my kitchen had gluten! Cereal, bread, snacks, dessert you name it! I had to learn how to cook gluten free overnight!! The best resource I had was a book called Living Gluten Free for Dummies.
Now it gets even better! Because Emily’s test came back positive they wanted all of us to be tested. Shows I am the gene carrier (but I don’t have Celiac Disease). Once again we had to fight with our insurance company again because it is a very expensive test to be done. The tests showed my husband Brian (-), Alec (13) came back (+) and Joshua (12) came back inconclusive. The doctor wanted Josh to keep eating gluten. For 3 years I cooked separate for Josh (blog author) full gluten and for the rest of us gluten free. That means separate toaster, peanut butter, butter, mayonnaise, sour cream…etc. Everything had to be labeled! One gram (1/8 teaspoon) would make Emily sick and in bed for days! Sometimes we found that out the hard way. No going out for pizza after baseball anymore! However, I would stop in at Little Caesars and ask for just a box so I could go home and try and make my own GF pizza so the boys would not feel left out after the games. It was crazy and sometimes people would tell us it’s a fad diet or one time I was with Emily at IN-N-Out and she ordered a “lettuce wrap” burger…a lady behind me tapped me on the should and said “you know as a mother you really should encourage her to eat the bun, she’s awfully thin”. My reply was “she would really love to have the bun but she can’t because her body cannot process gluten” B****!
There is gluten hidden in many forms, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (HSP) is considered gluten, licking an envelope, shampoo, lotions, soaps, makeup and many more products/food may contain gluten.
Now we come to Josh…great kid, great friends, great grades! However the summer before his freshman year I noticed he was a lot smaller than a lot of his friends. I said to my husband “I bet he has it” meaning Celiac Disease. He weighed 88 pounds and was 4’10. I made an appointment with his primary doctor (who was the one who diagnosed Emily). Once again we had to fight with our insurance company because they denied him to have the blood work again! Josh’s blood test came back inconclusive again as well as the stomach biopsy; however the doctor seemed to think he did have the disease and encouraged us to have him start eating gluten free. We let him “pick” the day to start eating this way because he did not have the typical symptoms that people have with this disease. He chose his first day of his freshmen year. By eating gluten free in a 2 year span of time Josh grew 12” and gained 50 pounds!


My Family has suffered the ups and downs of this Disease and i hope our story and this blog can help you through your journey with Celiacs Disease.


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